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Looking for a new air conditioner to install in your house? It is not an easy decision as you have to factor in a lot of things like house size, room size, price and advantages an AC has to offer. What you need is an expert who can thoroughly examine your house, factoring in size and shape of the rooms, and giving you the right recommendation of what will work best. That is exactly what we excel at! Us at Indoor Comfort Solutions are experts at everything HVAC, from system installation to repair, maintenance and analysis.

We will closely listen to any ideas you may have about installation and do our best to bring them to life. Our AC installation service is the best in town and it is our mission to fully satisfy you. After all, the customer is always right!

Here are a few tips before you get a new AC installed

We want you to be adequately prepared before you get an AC installed in your home. It’s a big decision and we want you to know everything before you dive in:

Go with Professionals

It goes without saying that having a professional opinion behind you when making the decision on an Air Conditioner system goes a long way. Not only are you able to get the right system for your house, but also one that is the most energy-efficient and won’t run your bills high. Our help is just a call away and you would be content with your purchase decision!

Keep Your Technician Handy

It's good to have your technician on speed dial when going for a new AC unit. Your technician would know everything about your house and hence can find the fastest and quickest way to get the ac installed. Our technicians are good at what they do and they can lay down the wiring map for your house so you know exactly what goes where.

Energy Efficiency Rating

Energy Efficiency Rating is a value used to determine how much cooling power an AC provides for a given amount of electrical energy. An experienced HVAC company like ourselves can help you understand what that value is for your house and how to use it to your advantage. There is one thing you need to look out for and that is SEER. SEER is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and should be at least 14 however, an efficient AC would have a rating around 20.

Get Scheduled Maintenance

An HVAC system is a huge blessing as you can do everything from changing and setting the temperatures of the house to controlling the airflow. But it requires maintenance to keep it working at its best. Scheduling proper checkups for your AC from us can help you get the most of its lifespan. We make sure your AC doesn’t go bad on you out of nowhere.

As an HVAC company that has been the best at what they do for years, we believe it is our duty to deliver what you deserve. Your wish is our command and we make it a point to satisfy and please our customers to the highest degree. We believe in quality over quantity and like to pay close attention to what our customers want.

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