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Is your air conditioner not working properly? Our experts at Indoor Comfort Solutions have the necessary training, skills, and experience to replace, repair, and maintain the existing equipment or even install new ones. AC unit repair services are necessary at times for the unit to provide effective and efficient functioning throughout the year. We aim to use the best technology to quickly and efficiently resolve the heating and cooling problems of our clients. Neglecting the necessary maintenance of your HVAC unit will result in a steady decline in its performance and increase energy in power consumption, meaning higher energy bills for you. 

4 Signs that will indicate you need HVAC Repair in Buford, GA

Sensor problems within the AC

You might have noticed that your air conditioner is not turning off even after reaching a certain temperature. That can be a sign of a faulty sensor, and it could get uncomfortable at times as the air conditioner would continue to blow extremely warm air, which could result in uncomfortably warm environments. If this repairance issue is ignored, it could lead to extra energy usage in your bills. 

Jump start mechanism of the heating cycle might be affected

Each furnace has a jump-start mechanism for starting the heating cycle. This type of mechanism typically depends upon the furnace itself. Usually, older furnaces have a pilot light, whereas the newer ones use electrical ignitions. Nonetheless, the ignition of the pilot can fail which could lead to it requiring its repair or replacement on an immediate basis. When the pilot light stops working, turning it on and heating the home can be a problem. In such situations, we recommend that you immediately contact the AC repair services.

Repairing the blower belt

A blower belt is the part of your furnace that uses a blower to push the heated air inside your home. The ball bearings are a part of it that are the most susceptible to wearing and tearing. When there is a problem with the blower fan, you will hear a high-pitched squeal. In these situations, you need to call your AC installation technicians in Buford, GA, right away and see if they will repair or replace the belt for you.

A malfunctioning thermostat

The thermostat is the tool that detects the temperature inside your home, and based on that, it tells the furnace to start the heating cycle or not. A malfunctioning thermostat will be unable to pick up the heat, and this would lead to either your furnace producing excessive heat or very little heat when your room is cold. For this, you need to call your HVAC technician and let them decide whether this is a software or a hardware issue and whether it will be replaced or will need repairing. 

Air conditioners can play a great role in improving the air quality inside your house, but you should know how to make full use of them. Regular AC repair in Buford, when required, will ensure that the performance is at its peak so that you can take full advantage of it!

Whether you are looking to repair or just maintain, we will make sure that you get satisfactory results. Our objective is to listen to client’s problems and provide them with the best possible solution for their concerns. We also try to do all the air conditioning repairs in Buford, GA, in a single visit so that your privacy does not get disturbed for a longer period. Call us now and immediately get all your queries solved!


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