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The most common way to heat and cool Atlanta area homes involves the pairing of a gas furnace with an air conditioner. 

An air conditioner (condenser) is commonly paired with a furnace to cool homes. This unit is generally installed outside and attached by copper lines to an evaporator coil that sits upstream of the furnace blower. A/C’s move a chemical often called refrigerant to remove heat from the conditioned space. The unit’s compressor pushes liquid refrigerant into the indoor evaporator coil where a designed restriction forces a change from liquid to vapor. The indoor blower moves the moist and warm return air across the fins of the coil where the heat is absorbed and the moisture is converted to water. The cooled air is distributed through the supply ducts while a drain system then removes the unwanted humidity from your home. At this point the gas refrigerant is returned to the A/C compressor where the vapor is again converted to a liquid state. This hot liquid is pushed through the exterior fins of the outdoor unit where temperature is cooled with help from the condenser fan. This is considered a closed loop cycle. If your system needs a periodic recharge then there is a leak in your refrigerant cycle.

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