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Are you facing furnace repair problems and are concerned about the approaching winters? Let the Professionals from Indoor Comfort Solutions help you out. We offer our clients top-of-the-line furnace repairs and services to avoid such risks. The most common furnace repairs that the customers usually get from us are air duct cleaning, changing filters, replacing the heat exchangers, fixing or replacing the blower belt, fixing the light switch, or repairing your thermostat. Our professionals recommend that you do annual inspections of your furnace. This is necessary to ensure that your system is working efficiently, there are no energy losses, no unexpected breakdowns, and guarantee that your furnace will last you a long time. 

You cannot afford to skip furnace repair services:

Let’s be honest! You cannot replace your furnace after every year or two because you often did not get it repaired. Hence, here are some signs which will tell you that you need furnace repair services.

Unusual fuel odors from the furnace

If you ever notice fuel smells around your furnace unit then it is clear sign that there is something wrong with it and it might need repairing. Usually, one can smell fuel, when you turn on the furnace for the first time in a year but if with time, it does not go away then that is something which needs to be looked into.

Difficulty in starting the unit

With time, people might start to face furnace problems in which you are trying to turn the unit on but you are unable to start it. If this is continuously happening to you or happening multiple times in a day then it is an indication that your furnace likely needs repair. The functioning issues can result from a disconnected wiring or a damaged thermostat so repairing that affected part will resolve the issue.

Inadequate heat

Another obvious sign that your furnace needs repairing is the inadequate heat. A furnace producing low heat or no heat in general is an indication that you need to schedule your repairs. A common cause of inadequate heat is leaking ductwork which definitely needs repairing so call your HVAC technician now and get it repaired.

Fixing the leakage in the furnace that might cause Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that results from the combustion process. That is mostly produced in the heat exchanger, which expands and contracts as the temperature of the furnace changes with each cycle. Over time, there are chances that the cracks might start to appear in the heat exchanger. That becomes a passageway for the carbon monoxide to escape into the building. Inhaling this gas for a longer period can be dangerous to health. We know the threats that these damaged furnaces pose to our customers. Hence, our team aims to provide comprehensive furnace inspection and repairs for effective solutions to keep our clients safe during the winter seasons. 

Our customers can completely rely upon us for detecting the problems and fixing them in no time. We recommend that you get the get repairing services on a frequent basis rather than replacing the furnace after every 2-3 years. So, now you know who to call next time when you are facing any sort of furnace repair or maintenance problem!


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