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Are you not using your furnace that frequently, but your bills are skyrocketing, and you can’t seem to understand why? Let us tell you! The chances are that your furnace system might be 10-15 years old. After this period, it becomes harder for the system to distribute the heat inside the home evenly. As a result, the furnace might be putting extra effort into heating the room, which can cause a huge spike in your energy bills every month without you even knowing about it. When this becomes the case, it is a clear indication that you need furnace replacement services. However, you do not have to worry! We at Indoor Comfort Solutions will ensure that you get replacement services for your furnace in a timely manner.

Signs that will indicate that furnace replacement services are due

Other than the one we have mentioned above, other signs will indicate that you need furnace replacement. 

Production of loud noises during standard operation

If you have been experiencing a lot of strange noises from your gas furnace lately, it is a clear indication that something is wrong with your furnace, and it might need replacement on an immediate basis. Rattling, popping, humming, and screeching are some of the common noises that come from furnaces that have gotten old. These loud noises coming from your furnace daily can get annoying, and the only way you can get rid of them is by getting the equipment replaced or the gas furnace repaired.

Excessive production of soot

Having soot or dust in your house can be unpleasant. It is mainly dry air potentially harmful to wood flooring, couches, chairs, and shelves. If you have been experiencing a lot of soot in your house lately, it is a clear indication your furnace needs repair or replacement. This soot build-up is found around the furnace register and grille, restricting airflow inside the house.

Furnace starts to produce yellow flames

Another sign that your furnace needs replacement or repair in Buford is that it produces yellow flames instead of blue flames. An efficient furnace will always produce a clean blue flame for heating the home. The yellow flame is mostly the sign of a dangerous gas leak due to an improper combustion process. If you notice yellow flames in your furnace, you should call us immediately. Please do not waste a single second because it can be dangerous. 

We know the risks an old, improperly functioning, or damaged furnace can bring to a house. Our experts have seen cases where individuals did not get their furnaces replaced on time, which resulted in the house catching fire or exploding. Hence, we suggest that you contact us for gas furnace installation services. We will send over experts who will do a comprehensive inspection of the furnace and provide you with effective solutions for keeping you and your family safe and warm during this winter season. Call us now and schedule an appointment!



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