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Now, you don’t have to install AC and heating products separately, you can have the combination of both in the form of heat pumps. These pumps are centralized air systems that have the capability of acting as both heater and air conditioner. Due to this significance, our heating service and repair experts offer quality services for heat pumps to ensure they stay in a good-functioning position. Heat pumps are a one-stop solution for those homeowners who are looking for efficient climate control for the house. Contact our air heater repair experts today to get the best HVAC solutions.

Heat Pump Installation

If you are interested in getting this versatile product for your house, contact us right away. The experts at Indoor Comfort Solutions Inc. will help you. We use products manufactured by Amana, a trusted brand in America, to provide you with the best solutions. No matter which heat pump model you need, it is better to leave the installation to a professional for a safer system.

What Else We Can Do For You?

When you hire our technicians to maintain and improve the performance of the heat pump, they can perform the following services:


  •          Inspect the filters, ducts, and indoor coils to detect any obstructions.
  •          Detect and seal the duct and refrigerant leaks.
  •          Check and measure the airflow in the pump.
  •          Clean and tighten all the loose connections to ensure proper working.
  •          Lubricate the motor and check the belts for wear and tear.
  •          Authenticating all the thermostat operations.


Our technicians can help you with installing, maintaining, and repairing of the heat pumps. If you need any of these services, contact us right away. We make sure to deliver the best heat pump solutions to you.

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