Looking for a Premium Cooling Service? We have all comfort solutions HVAC
April 2022

Looking for a Premium Cooling Service? We have all comfort solutions HVAC

With the changing weather, the first home comfort we look for is heating and cooling. During winters, a luxurious heating corner becomes the center of our most indoor activities. The same goes with summer, which makes outdoor life quite uncomfortable, and wherever we go, finally look for the safe haven, called home. But this haven too becomes unbearable, if we don’t give timely care to our home appliances. Indoor Comfort Solutions, the comfort solutions HAVC brings you reliable cooling solutions, right at the doorsteps and makes your summer season pleasant with our indoor comfort services.

Comfort Solutions HVAC, the Benefits of our Online Cooling Service

Whether it’s about service, repair, or purchase of new cooling, our daily routines make us linger this on. Looking for service points, calling technicians at home, and providing required parts make this seasonal task quite hectic. At the same time, if you want to replace the out-of-order system, you look for the best advice. This is where our comfort solutions HVAC prove to be a blessing. Our brand ethics are high-quality solutions at cost-effective rates through empathetic service. Feeling in our customers' shoes, we offer one-stop cooling solutions at your place:

  • Installation/Replacement of AC

  • AC Repair/Maintenance Service

  • System Evaluation

  • 0% Financing Service

  • Sales & Service Coupons

Installation/Replacement of AC

On your call for replacing the old unit, we first evaluate the body condition and working of your appliance. Our four-decade experience in providing comfort solutions HVAC has made it a cup of tea for us. Secondly, we don’t want our valued customers to pay more than the requirement. Schedule your free in-home estimate, if you are looking for an AC replacement. Indoor comfort expert technicians will let you know whether you should go for replacement or just repair. We never recommend our customers spend hundred dollars to purchase new AC unless we find the following defects in the system: 

  • The best working span of an AC is around 9-15 years. After crossing 9 years, it starts losing value, costs high in repair, and often repair work is useless.

  • A defective unit requires refilling over and over again.

  • You need to increase the thermostat and it still keeps the home as normal. 

  • AC is working, but the home environment is humid and dusty.

AC Repair/Maintenance Service

Our expert technicians have been providing indoor comfort repair and maintenance solutions for more than 40 years. We do it at a fraction of the cost and this is why our customers always come back to us, you can check our reviews page. If your unit is not working fine, just make a phone call at (678) 952-1101 and we will be there to inspect what it needs; repair or just maintenance. Our technicians check the system for diagnosing the following troubles:

  • Heavily clogged filters end up even all-new ACs on poor cooling

  • Clogged, damaged, and imbalanced drains result in malfunction of the system

  • Dusty and faulty thermostat doesn’t let a healthy unit work fine

  • Faulty or damaged wiring 

  • Dirty, rusty, and frozen coils

System Evaluation

We are just a phone call away if you want to sell your system. We let you know the exact condition, leaving behind no ambiguity. After analyzing all technicalities, our team recommends whether your system is in need of repair or just maintenance. Trust our indoor comfort systems technicians, they will never charge you a penny more! They will even suggest keeping the system if they find it sound after a little maintenance work.

0% Financing Service

We are the ideal destination for resolving all your cooling problems. If you want to sell the old, we estimate its worth. If you are looking for a new system, we offer 0% financing for that. No matter what your financial status is, we do not make any credit checks. Even if for some reason, you are bankrupt or have bad credit, we are here for you! We, the comfort solutions HVAC make our customers happy-go-lucky.

Sales and Service Coupons

Indoor Comfort Solutions believes in making customer relationships. Not only does our premium repair and maintenance service bring smiles to your faces, but we also develop lifetime bonding with you. We try to keep our services at cost-effective rates, but as soon as your bill touches a $20 and then $50 limit, we lay before you a wide range of discount deals.