AC Repair Checklist Followed By Professionals
June 15 2021

Atlanta AC Repair Companies

Like any other mechanical system, the air conditioner is usually ignored until there’s a need to use it. And when people start reaching out to Atlanta AC repair companies, they hope that the cost of repairs wouldn’t be too much.

To avoid this, you should have your AC inspected professionally. They will ensure system efficiency throughout the year. The checklist mentioned below is usually what you can expect from our highly competent technicians.

Task-1: Clean the Condenser Coil and Evaporation Units

Condenser coil is part of the outdoor unit of an AC. It consists of the radiator and refrigerant lines. In contrast, an evaporation unit is usually located on the inside of these outdoor parts. It has its own set of coils.

With time, dirt and debris can build up in these parts which leads to reduced efficiency. This can put extra pressure on other components of your HVAC system. Therefore, cleaning of the condenser coil and evaporation unit is an important feature of our indoor comfort services.

Task-2: Clear the Drain Line

Our experts will guarantee cleaning and clearing of the drain line for optimum performance. When the drain line is clogged, it leads to water leaks and other moisture-related problems. If you don’t want the production of bacteria or mold around your HVAC system, contact us right away for efficient maintenance services.

Furthermore, leaks can also appear because of cracks in the drain. But, don’t worry. We’ll make proper repairs in this case too!

Task-3: Check System Controls and Electrical Connections

With these reliable heating and air services, we’ll make sure that all your electrical connections are tightened up. This will keep every part operating safely and efficiently. It will increase the lifespan of the air conditioning system as well. Moreover, we run a thorough system diagnosis to ascertain that everything is working perfectly.

Task-4: Check the Compressor and Refrigerant Tubing

Inspection of the compressor and refrigerant tube is the next task. If the refrigerant tube is clogged or leaking, the coolant provided to the compressor would be inadequate. As a result, the compressor will have to work harder and may burn out in the process.

Repairing the compressor system tends to be expensive. So, to avoid such a costly fix, contact Indoor Comfort Solutions Inc. at the first opportunity. Our experts will ensure that this doesn’t happen to your AC system.

Task-5: Fixing Refrigerant Leaks

We’ll make sure that the refrigerant is adequate as per the specifications mentioned by the manufacturer. Too much or too little of it may cause compressor and condenser failure. Therefore, do not show any negligence in availing these services on time. Otherwise, you might end up paying through the nose for expensive repairs.

Our team of specialists is properly trained to carry out AC repairs in the most efficient manner. That’s why we rank among the best when it comes to Atlanta’s AC repair companies.

Contact us right away to keep your system running optimally!