Busting the Common Myths about Heat & Air Repair
May 11 2021

Busting the Common Myths about Heat & Air Repair

Looking for heat & air repair near me? Then, you might have come across various tips and tricks suggested by different people. But, not every suggestion is worth trying. Here, the team of Indoor Comfort has busted some of the common misconceptions people have created regarding heat and air repair. The list includes,

Turning Up the AC As High As Possible Will Cool the House Faster

It is something that most probably we all have heard, but it isn’t true. It will not cool your house quicker, however, it will consume extra energy, which directly increases the electric bills. We have seen many people increasing the temperature on the thermostat just for quicker cooling. Now, this technique may work on the single room ACs, but when it comes to the central air conditioning system, it will just increase your electric bills.

Changing the Filter Once a Year Is Enough

Most people believe it to be true, but it’s a huge mistake. On the recommendation of indoor comfort solutions, the filter of HVAC system’s needs to be changed every 30 days. You may need to change the filter more often than this if you have pets around the house. The dander in the house can affect the performance of the HVAC system.

Getting AC Servicing Is a Waste of Money

We can easily say that it’s just a misconception. Getting regular cleaning for the AC system can help in making it work smoother and also saves you from spending money on costly repairs. Our team of expert technicians can help you maintain a regular maintenance schedule that will prolong the life of the HVAC system. Do not avoid looking for AC service or making regular servicing appointment, because no one wants to face mid-summer AC repairs.

It’s Better to Leave the AC Unit on At All Times

This is not true at all. People often keep their AC unit on when they feel turning it on and off creates noises or consumes too much energy. But, this may be because the unit is too old and it needs to get repaired. Secondly, if you often forget to turn down the coolness before leaving the house, then opt for a programmable thermostat to prolong the life of your HVAC unit.

The Air Leaks Are Easy To Find

It’s a misconception that air leaks around the house are easy to find. Our technicians can help identify these common air conditioning issues and properly seal them, ensuring that they don’t waste energy or make the system inefficient. We will make sure that your AC system keeps running properly and effectively.

The Energy-Efficient AC Will Automatically Bring Down the Bills

Energy-efficient ACs will indeed bring down the energy bills from 20-50%, but only if you buy a correct unit for your home and employ energy saving habits. To ensure you are purchasing the right unit call for our HVAC repair service to take help and assistance. Before many decisions based on what you hear from people, contact our Atlanta AC repair company to make sure your AC unit stays in the best condition.