Why Are Gas Furnaces Still One of The Most Popular Heating and Winter Indoor Comfort Appliances?
12 July 2021

gas furnaces

When it comes to heating homes during winter, gas furnaces take the cake due to their tested design and energy efficiency. Furnaces are one of the oldest heating technologies that have been used in American homes since the early 1900s. And almost a century later, this winter indoor comfort appliance is still as popular as it was in the past. Reputed Furnace servicing and installation companies such as Indoor Comfort Solutions Inc have only seen the demand for furnaces rise. Apart from this heating solution's reliability and efficient design, there are other reasons for its popularity. However, many homeowners aren't sure if it is worth installing furnaces in their homes in 2021. So to help such homeowners understand why furnaces are coveted as a good heating option, we have created this article, and we suggest you read on.    

Why do indoor comfort services recommend furnaces?

There are several reasons why indoor comfort services still recommend gas furnaces as a go-to central heating system to homeowners.  While it is always a good idea to evaluate other options, such as heat pumps, when you consider your options, there is no denying that furnaces are the most efficient ones. So without further ado, here are some reasons why reputed furnace installation and repair companies recommend furnaces to homeowners:

They are less costly to run: When you are about to buy a heating appliance for your home, the price of the equipment is not the only cost you should be considering. The cost of running the machine for months and often all year round is an essential factor that homeowners must consider. When it comes to operational expenditure, a furnace is the most cost-effective comfort indoor heating solution.  Not to mention modern furnaces are designed to be even more cost-effective compared to older models. That is because gas furnaces use natural gas, which is a cheaper energy source when compared with electricity or propane. So if you opt for a gas furnace, you will have to pay less in terms of utility bills than when using heat pumps or other electrical modes of heating.



Furnaces offer high heating efficiency: Another reason for the popularity of furnaces is their high heating efficiency. Since a furnace act as a central heating unit, you can get uniform heat throughout the home, unlike space heaters that run independently and aren't as efficient in heating large areas. Furnaces repair and installation companies regularly come across furnace models that can achieve up to 97% efficiency. That means a minimal amount of fuel is wasted when heating using gas furnaces.

Ability to perform in the coldest areas: Gas furnaces are also the favourite appliance of homeowners and furnace repair companies due to their ability to heat the coldest homes. While other heating options, such as heat pumps, lose their ability to heat when the temperatures drop under a certain level, gas furnaces continue to perform even during the coldest months of the year. Furnaces owe this exceptional heating performance to their high heat output unmatched by any other heating appliance available for household use.

High safety standards in modern furnaces: While safety was a significant concern with gas furnaces in the older days, modern furnaces must meet high safety standards to eliminate fire danger. Modern furnaces don't produce harmful gases when burring gas, further reducing the risk of harmful emissions.

These were some of the significant reasons why gas furnaces are still around, and they are unmatched by electrical and propane heating solutions. And by the looks of it, gas furnaces are not going anywhere anytime soon. If you want to get gas furnaces installed, look up a heat and air repair company near me.