Comfort Solution HVAC, How to choose the right Air Purifier for your Space?
May 2022

Comfort Solution HVAC, How to choose the right Air Purifier for your Space?

Your healthy home environment depends on how seriously you respond to the impurities and other air quality risks at your place. Having the right ventilation and clean surroundings works with the addition of required air purifiers according to the length and breadth of your space. The market has an extensive variety of brands and different types of purifiers from table-top models to whole-house systems, but not every type suits your space. Our comfort solutions HVAC offers free consultation and a fraction of market prices if you are looking for a new air cleaner for your home. 

Things to consider for choosing the required Air Cleaner

Our Comfort Solutions HVAC recommends choosing the air purifier after the proper study of your home environment regarding the concentration of dust, smoke, and other pollutants in your area. The number of family members and pets is also an important thing to consider. All purifiers available in the market vary in performance, some are made to filter larger pollutants like dander, dirt, and hair, while others trap microscopic titbits like bacteria, viruses, odors, and molds. Here is a list of different air purifiers with an analysis of their working and technicalities.  

UV Air Purifier

These ultraviolet air purifiers were initially used in the hospitals to disinfect the patients’ rooms and labs. These are usually in the form of light bulbs for releasing UV rays. UV purifiers used at homes are compact devices, which clean the air through a compartment that is filled with UV light. If you need to disinfect your home, then a UV purifier is the right indoor comfort solution. This purifier is quite an effective air control machine that kills airborne pathogens, as well as the mold spores that pass through the HVAC furnace and air conditioner ducts. It ensures clean air to breathe in, killing 99% of germs, mold, and bacteria. 

HEPA Standard Purifier

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) purifier is specially designed to remove dust, pollen, mold, and germs from the air. Its filter is highly efficient and recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to 99.7% airborne pollutants control. Currently, HEPA purifiers have become a hot favorite of customers who understand how important it is to maintain healthy air quality inside the home. This helps control all irritating pollutants from the air, making it nuisance-free. Due to enhanced sensitivity, its filters need to be replaced every month to have ideal indoor comfort. 

Activated Carbon Air Purifier

This air purifier is specially designed for controlling toxic gas contents, fumes, odors, and smoke. Gas stoves, ovens, heaters, and boilers are an essential part of home life. We cannot ensure a cent percent removal of harmful gas leakage, smoke, fumes, and odors at homes. This purifier proves to be the ultimate goodness in making your home environment chemical-free. Schedule your free in-home estimate , if you are looking for the right air purifier. Our Atlanta air experts ideally suggest this type for people who are very sensitive to air toxins.

Ionic Air Purifier

This is a very technical air purifier that doesn’t need filters. It simply transmits negative ions in the air, which bond with the positive air particles like dust, turning it heavier. This way those particles are no longer suspended in the air and fall out of it. The other type of this purifier is installed with electrostatic precipitators, which pull the air particles and make them stick to metal plates inside the purifier. An advanced version of it is iWave-R which can be attached to your indoor comfort heating and cooling system for an even spread of ions all across your home. 

Electronic Air Purifiers

These devices too are very efficient in controlling allergens by ionizing processes. Along with producing ions, these purifiers use HEPA filters when attached to your indoor comfort system. This way these devices apply double actions for cleaning the air of your home; on one side bonding with positively charged dust suspensions and on the other, filtering particles as small as 0.3 microns. 

Centralized Air Purifiers

These purifiers are directly connected to your HVAC system and work on a larger scale by cleaning the whole home environment through ductwork. These devices control about 99% pollen, 98% dust, and 94% viruses in your space. Additionally, these air quality check machines increase the life of your indoor comfort HVAC system by keeping the air inside the ducts clean. 

Air-to-Air Purifiers

These purifiers act as ventilators. You can call them smart ventilators, as they keep exchanging the used and stale air of your home with the fresh outside air. Such purifiers not only keep inside air fresh but also maintain humidity levels and temperature. If you are going to buy an air purifier, check our coupons page. Our comfort solutions HVAC offers multiple discounts on every type of new equipment.  


  1. Do you prefer HEPA air purifiers for a healthy home environment?

It depends upon the location and purifying needs of your home, but to date, HEPA purifiers are proven devices, which control up to 99.7% of dust at your home. 

  1. Can air purifiers help control COVID-19 spread at homes?

Air cleaners and HVAC filters help control viruses and other airborne pollutants, but they cannot be trusted to control Covid-19 spread.

  1. Where in my home should I place the air purifier?

The ideal corner for the air purifier is your bedside table, where it lies closer to your head. If kept in a living area, then better to place it within your breathing zone.