Indoor Comfort Services You Need this Winter
Oct 2021

Indoor Comfort Services You Need this Winter

Winter is around the corner, and you want comfort inside your home. To get a cozy environment, you need to make sure the heating system works perfectly alright. It is high time you contact an HVAC maintenance and repair company to get the necessary indoor comfort services to enjoy the upcoming season. These companies are responsible for looking after a system that works throughout the year to maintain the desired temperature and improve air quality inside the building. One of the renowned service providers in Atlanta is Indoor Comfort Solutions. They can be a reliable and affordable option.

This blog will highlight and discuss the services you need from these firms this winter. 

Necessary Indoor Comfort Services 

You need every service for your HVAC system that makes it work as it is supposed to and you want it to. Some of the important ones are discussed below. 

Duct Cleaning 

The interior of your house will only be warm and cozy in winters if the ducts of your heating system are clean. There are two primary reasons for it. The first one is that clean ducts mean steady and even flow of air through them. And the second and more important one is that it ensures the temperature is maintained evenly throughout the building. Consider these two reasons as critical ones to get the much-needed indoor comfort

HVAC Pipe Insulation 

Every pipe of an HVAC system is either there to allow either hot water or steam to run through it. With the fall of temperature, the steam or water freezes inside these pipes, making the whole system non-functional. The pipes may crack or burst as the ice keeps on gathering inside them. They need insulation so that the winter doesn’t affect your heating system’s performance and keep water and steam flowing. 

Heat Pump Repairs 

If you have an external heat pump to warm up your house, there are fair enough chances that its coils and fans get clogged by the ice in freezing winters. Ideally, the equipment should have the automatic defrosting ability. If the coils don’t defrost automatically, you need to contact an HVAC service provider to clear the ice and repair the system so that it can get rid of it automatically before it jams everything. 

Thermostat Repairs

If every motor and fan in your heating system is working fine and it’s still cold inside, consider getting your thermostat checked. Getting the temperature regulator repaired is one of the primary and most important indoor comfort services you’ll need this winter. A properly functioning thermostat can provide you with an ideal temperature quickly. Get it checked for faulty hardware, wiring, or electronics to make it function. Replace it if needed because its performance affects the electricity consumption as well. 

We believe that we have provided you with enough information about the services you need to make your HVAC systems work properly throughout the cold winter months and keep your residential and commercial buildings warm. Contact the concerned services provider like Indoor Comfort Solutions for more details and benefit from their expertise. 

We have made a list and discussed some of the frequently asked questions to provide you with more information about the topic and HVAC maintenance and repair services. Continue reading. 



What should HVAC be set at in winter?

To ensure your HVAC system is set to maintain an ideal environment inside the building, consider setting both the humidity and temperature. The moisture level should be set between 35% and 45%, while the temperature should be set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you're at home and awake to provide you with indoor comfort.

Is 72 a good temperature for heat in winter?

72 degrees Fahrenheit is a very suitable temperature to set at your HVAC system. Experts suggest that the ideal setting is between 68 and 72 degrees. It doesn’t just maintain a good temperature but helps save on electricity bills as well. 

Can you service AC in winter?

The answer to this question is yes. Experts would suggest that you get your AC serviced in winter because companies charge relatively less for that during the cold months. Also, there is no specified time to service and maintain it. You can do it at any time throughout the year.