How To Tell Your AC Is Getting Too Old As Per Atlanta Ac Repair Companies?
Sep 2021

How To Tell Your AC Is Getting Too Old As Per Atlanta Ac Repair Companies?

In Atlanta, AC repair companies are always busy due to the constant need for air conditioners, thanks to the hot weather. However, some homeowners need the repair services more often than others because they use an old AC unit. At Indoor Comfort Solutions, we almost come across homeowners daily using an outdated AC unit without even realizing it. When you are using an old AC, not only are you missing out on the features offered by the newer models, but you may be wasting money and missing out on comfortable living. However, many times, homeowners are using an old air conditioning unit without even realizing it. If you suspect that your air conditioner may be too old, then this article is for you.

Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is Too Old As Per Indoor Comfort Services Providers

Indoor comfort services providers such as us are the most reliable sources of information regarding air conditioners because we handle air conditioners on a daily basis. During our time providing air conditioning repair services to residents of Atlanta, we have come across many AC units that were too old, and the owners didn’t realize it until we pointed it out. So without further ado, here are some signs that tell that your air conditioner is too old:

Noisy AC unit: Air conditioners are not meant to make noises, and most modern air-con units run quietly without interrupting your comfort. However, if you hear constant noises from your cooling unit that resembles clanking, knocking, grinding, then it is a clear sign that your AC is old. With that said even if your air conditioner is not making any clanking or knocking noises but generally produces a loud sound that is uncomfortable for the residents, it may be an older model. However, not all noises are caused by old AC units, and in some cases, newer models can start giving off unwanted sounds. So the best way to determine if the noise is due to old age or another issue is to call our AC technicians for an inspection. 

High humidity: If your home feels humid even when your air-con is running 24/7, chances are you have an older model. Old ACs were not as good at removing moisture from the air, and therefore they couldn’t control indoor humidity. Modern AC units not only remove access moisture from the air but also maintain the air quality. So if you notice that your indoor humidity levels are high and the air quality is not up to par, chances are your AC unit is too old to manage humidity and air quality. 

Your AC keeps running: Older units didn’t have the intelligent thermostat technology that allows them to run only when needed. So naturally, an old unit will run all the time, which drives up the energy bills. So if your AC unit keeps running even after the right indoor comfort temperature has been reached, chances are you have an old model on your hands.

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