What Is Considered An Indoor Comfort Heating And Cooling Emergency And What Is Not
August 2022

What Is Considered An Indoor Comfort Heating And Cooling Emergency And What Is Not

It's never pleasant to deal with a problem in your home. With today's advanced indoor comfort heating and cooling, it can be difficult to know whether a problem has reached emergency magnitude. You can use the information in this article to assess the severity of the problem you're having with your indoor comfort heating and cooling.

Every time the AC stops working isn't necessarily an emergency, but safety must always come first. Always contact a professional if you suspect your home's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning repair system threatens you or your family. 

When this happens, call Indoor Comfort Solutions for a reliable emergency air conditioning contractor in Atlanta, GA.

If you're having electrical issues with your indoor comfort heating and cooling, our team of licensed contractors can fix it. The experts at Indoor Comfort Solutions have the training and knowledge to keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency all year long.

What to Keep An Eye On

  • Burnt Smell or Smoke

One of the most critical things to keep an eye on with indoor comfort heating and cooling systems is the potential for a fire. Turn off your heating and cooling system and get in touch with a pro right once if you smell burning or see smoke coming from it.

There is a significant possibility of smoke and fire spreading throughout your home because of the air conditioning system's ducts and vents. When smoke is allowed to enter the system, the air pressure will spread the smoke throughout the home, making it hazardous for anybody inside to breathe.

A burning odor could indicate an electrical problem, but it could also be caused by dust or mold igniting inside the heater. If the smell of cool comfort solutions is metallic or electrical in nature, you should have an electrician check your wiring and breaker boxes immediately.

  • Loud Noises

Sounds of distress from your indoor comfort heating and cooling system indicate a mechanical problem. A faulty motor could be the cause of any scraping or squeaking sounds emanating from your system.

A banging or rattling noise is another sign that something is wrong with your cool comfort solutions, as it could indicate that a foreign item is stuck somewhere in your body. 

Powering off your indoor comfort heating and cooling system is recommended in the event of this noise, as it could indicate a component that has become displaced from its intended location.

Once you've shut down the system, it's time to bring in the HVAC experts. In order to live comfortably in your house, you should never put off fixing your air conditioner until it breaks.


No one likes to consider the possibility of a home emergency, but being prepared is essential. 

We advise homeowners to get down with their families and go over a plan for dealing with different types of emergencies, and then run through it a few times to make sure everyone is on the same page.

When you're done reading this, you'll have a better idea of when to call for help and when it's not an emergency in terms of your indoor comfort heating and cooling system. It's time to put that knowledge to work in order to protect your family at home. 

If you suspect a problem with your home's system and require an air conditioning repair, it's important to take action before the problem grows worse.

The availability of a reliable expert in the area is crucial in case of an unexpected problem. If you require the finest air conditioning contractor in Atlanta, GA, go no farther than Indoor Comfort Solutions.

If you ever have an HVAC emergency, don't hesitate to call us at (678) 952-1101; we are ready and able to assist you.