Comfort Solutions HVAC, Easy Ways to maintain a Healthy Home Environment
May 2022

Comfort Solutions HVAC, Easy Ways to maintain a Healthy Home Environment

A study by the EPA about indoor air quality says that indoor air has 100% higher pollutants than outside in the open vicinities of the US. Pollen, dander, dust, germs, viruses, mold, and other chemical vapors and toxins get accumulate inside walls and settle in the home environment. Most of the diseases like allergies and infections are caused by poor air quality in our living spaces. This is why proper measures should be taken to maintain the quality of air inside homes. Indoor Comfort Solutions, the comfort solutions HVAC has all those fine air quality solutions, that make you breathe purity at home.

Common Health Risks Lead by Poor Air Quality

Our homes basically provide safe abodes to the pollutants to reside in. Apart from aural and nasal infections, some of the pollutants impose dangerous health risks like contaminants carried in by your pets and unburned gas leakage that results in carbon monoxide contamination. Older homes usually have other air quality challenges, like high concentrations of asbestos and lead particles, which are dangerous for the lungs. The mold and mildew are constant air quality threats inside bathrooms and kitchens, where higher moisture levels result in dampness. We are the leading air quality analysts who help you understand a few essential steps for having an ideal surroundings to live in. 

Improved Air Ventilation

This is an age-old indoor comfort method for improving the quality of air at home. The home we live in has a mixture of concentrations, which need to be removed naturally. Our exhaled carbon dioxide, burning stoves emitting carbon contents, and all germs and dust traffic need to be removed. For it, the best solution is to let in the natural flow of air. We are Atlanta air experts who understand that window and door openings, operating windows, and attic fans ideally help increase air ventilation. This is something that doesn’t involve any technicality, billing, or any sort of expenditure. You just have to be mindful about ensuring these vents are opened when the weather allows for it. 

Right Air Purifiers

We are not living in the Stone Age, where all life risks were just the beasts of prey and extreme weather conditions. We have to combat the challenges of growing industrialization, deforestation, and everyday pollution. It’s not like just let the fresh air in, close all home openings and you are in a safe haven to live in. The air still needs to be filtered by enhanced purification methods and the best indoor comfort system regarding this is having the right air purifiers. Schedule your free in home estimate, if you want to purchase a new air-purifying device. We offer high-end services, fine-quality equipment financing, and multiple discount offers.

Replace Air Conditioner Filters

Many homeowners out there just never think about changing the AC filters. Once installed, the dusting, brushing, and washing of the filters are considered more than enough to restore the filters back to ideal working. But, things are not like that. Filters too need to be changed, especially if you are living in a densely populated or metropolitan area or you are very sensitive to dust and allergens. Worn-out air conditioner filters just don’t help stop dust and germs and also result in the running down of the whole HVAC system. For having a perfect indoor comfort heating and cooling system, it’s better to install all new filters, if the existing ones wear out. 

Check on Other Appliances’ Filters

It’s not just about having perfect air conditioner filters, your home appliances must have clean filters. Do not ignore the perfection and maintenance of your vacuum cleaner, kitchen vent, and clothes dryer filters. These too trap germs and dust, which ultimately spread in your home environment. Our indoor comfort maintenance service has decades of experience in providing reliable air quality solutions. We have been noticing homeowners taking other appliances’ filters for granted, which results in poor-quality air, even if you install all-new AC filters. 

Keep a check on Ductwork

The ducts are the vessels through which the hot and cold air passes through. For the distribution of ideal indoor comfort all across your space, these passages should be properly maintained and repaired, if required. Faulty ductwork also results in air contamination and the transfer of germs and dander from one room to another. It’s a general idea that once done ductwork is a lifetime solution, but things are different in real. This also needs proper service and repair and that too by professional hands.

Keep Kitchen Vents Intact

The gas ovens, stoves, and furnaces are also sources of unburned harmful gasses. Raw natural gas contains carbon monoxide which can easily penetrate our blood through inhaling. Burning also produces carbon. This is why, always open kitchen windows and turn on the exhaust fans before lighting the burner. This helps maintain perfect indoor comfort by venting out the toxic gasses and excessive heat. 

Have neat Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets enhance the aesthetic look of your home interior. The good thing is, that they also act as air filters and dust trappers, but to some extent. If we ignore the cleaning and washing of these indoor comforts, they too turn into nasty pollutant producers. Our comfort solutions HVAC recommends weekly brushing and timely washing of rugs and carpets as a must. If not, then just keep a step on them and there goes the gust of dust all across your home.