How Can You Prepare For an Air Conditioner Installation By Atlanta AC Repair Companies?
Sep 2021

How Can You Prepare For an Air Conditioner Installation By Atlanta AC Repair Companies?

Air conditioning installation has become easier than ever thanks to Atlanta AC installation and repair companies offering quick and reliable installation services. While AC installation companies such as us at Indoor Comfort Solutions have expert technicians that can handle pretty much any air-con installation, there are some preparations you can make as well. You can ensure that the whole installation process goes as smoothly as possible by making some simple preparations. These preparations don’t require any special tools or technical knowledge. You don’t even have to leave your house to get ready for an air conditioner installation. So if you have one scheduled in a few days and are wondering how you can make sure it goes well, then this article is for you.

How to Prepare Yourself and the House Before Indoor Comfort Services Providers Arrive at Your Home?

So you have scheduled an AC installation with an indoor comfort services provider. While you can sit back and relax when the companies technicians arrive, there are some things to take care of beforehand. Once you have selected the proper air-con for your needs, here are some easy preparations to make before our technicians arrive at your doorstep:

Clean the ducts: AC ducts are crucial for your home air conditioning if you have a central AC unit. If the ducts aren’t clean with debris and other unwanted junk, it can significantly lower the cooling unit’s efficiency. So before our AC installation team arrives at your home, make sure that your vents are cleaned out. However, if you had recently cleaned the vents before the installation, you can skip this. At the same time, if you aren’t sure about the condition of your duct system or can’t clean it on your own, you can schedule a cleaning and installation. Our AC technicians can clean your duct system before installing, so you get the most benefits from your new AC.

Cover essential items around the installation site: While an AC replacement doesn’t make a lot of mess, a fresh installation may result in some dirt and debris. So if you are getting a unit installed, it is best to cover up any items around the installation site to make sure they are safe from debris. While our indoor comfort experts ensure that your personal belongings are safe during the installation process, it is best to cover them up to prevent them from getting dirty.

Clear a path: If you have multiple cars and lawn equipment blocking the driveway, it would be best to move them out to make way for the installation crew’s vehicle. At the same time, you should remove any easily moveable items such as chairs, tables, and other furniture and decor items to make room at the site of AC installation. Not only does doing this ensures that the installation crew can get the job done faster, but if you are being charged on per hour bases, you can ensure the installation doesn’t cost you extra due to delays.

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