Indoor Comfort Services to Get Most Out of Your Heat Pump
November 2021

Indoor Comfort Services to Get Most Out of Your Heat Pump

How to use your heat pump efficiently this winter? When the temperature drops and energy bills start to rise, this is the most common concern of homeowners. Though we are here to help you with our indoor comfort services, it is best to pair them with some precautionary steps as they will help you get the maximum out of your heat pump. 

Let’s begin.

How to Use Heat Pump After Indoor Comfort Services?

To maintain the efficient performance of your heat pump throughout the winters and maintain indoor comfort, here are some tips you can follow:

Don’t Keep Cranking Up the Temperature

Increasing the pump settings to 90s will not be heating the room any quicker. However, it will increase energy consumption. We recommend you get a smart thermostat specifically designed to use with a heat pump; it ensures comfort and savings. It automatically will turn off the system when you are not home and help develop a schedule to ensure you come home to a cozy environment. 

Keep the Filter Clean

Our experts recommend changing the filters quarterly to ensure your system remains in optimum condition. However, if you have a lot of pets and dust in the house, you may want to consider changing it once a month. Doing so will help keep your energy bills low and improve the indoor air quality. If you aren’t sure about the frequency of changing the filter, call Indoor Comfort Solutions Inc. experts to inspect the filters and update you on their condition. 

Do Not Keep Your Heat Pump Running All Day

A heat pump works intensely, so make sure you give it a break from time to time. Use the timer on the heat pump to efficiently use the system. Switch the heat pump on before dawn and turn it off when you leave the house, and again switch on when you return home. It is the best way to match the timings of a heat pump with your routine. 


Maintain the Exterior Part of the Unit

The exterior part of the heat pump should be unobstructed – no leaves, twigs, or dust should be on it to ensure unrestricted airflow. Also, avoid covering the outside unit as it can affect the airflow and makes it difficult for the heat pump to work efficiently. 

Follow the Maintenance Schedule

Get our professional maintenance and cleaning services to ensure an efficiently working heating pump unit at least once a year. It not only prevents the increase in energy bills but also protects from unexpected breakdowns.

Don’t Heat Too Many Rooms at Once

Most of the heat pumps are designed to warm up several rooms at once; however, it isn’t always appropriate to do that, as it can take longer to warm the house. Divide the rooms and focus on main points at different times of the day. It could be kitchen and bedroom in the morning, and family room in the evening.

Book Our Heat & Air Repair Services! 

If you haven’t turned on your heating pump yet, book our indoor comfort services right away to kick start the unit efficiently. Then, you can follow these precautionary steps to ensure the best results.