Questions To Ask When Replacing Your Indoor Comfort Heating And Cooling
July 2022

Questions To Ask When Replacing Your Indoor Comfort Heating And Cooling

Intimidating is an understatement when it comes to replacing your indoor comfort heating and cooling system. Once it happens, there are a lot of things to think about. If your system fails when you need it most, it can stress you even more.

Fortunately, you have the choice of asking questions to make sure you cover all the bases when it comes to replacing your indoor comfort heating and cooling system. Using these questions, you'll be able to choose the perfect indoor comfort heating and cooling system that's right for you.

When updating your HVAC system, consider the following five questions:

What is your indoor comfort heating and cooling system's age?

U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the typical HVAC system lasts 15–20 years. For those who live in hotter regions, the life expectancy of your heating and cooling system may be less than for those who live in cooler climates. 

As a result, knowing how old your HVAC system is will help you gauge how often it needs to be replaced. Your HVAC system may need to be replaced if you've reached the older end of this spectrum.

What is the size of your house?

The efficiency of your HVAC system is directly influenced by the size and architecture of your home, so planning is key. Whether you've gained square feet, remodeled an area, or are moving to a new site, your HVAC demands will have changed. Your current heating and cooling system won't have the same effect on your home. 

The airflow and reach of your HVAC system will be altered if you add square footage to your home. This is why it's important to keep track of any modifications and remember them while looking for HVAC systems.

Do you maintain your indoor comfort heating and cooling system regularly?

In some cases, you may not need to replace your HVAC system. A simple repair could be possible if you've cleaned the filters regularly, replaced worn components like belts, and cleaned the condensers regularly, for example. 

If you haven't had your indoor comfort heating and cooling system serviced in a while, the problem may have gotten so bad that it's more cost-effective to replace it than to try to fix it.

What is your budget for replacing your indoor comfort heating and cooling system?

The size of your property, as well as your specific needs, should be taken into consideration when determining how much money you have to spend. When deciding whether to repair or replace your heating and cooling system, an HVAC specialist can help.

Which kind of indoor comfort heating and cooling system do you require?

A wide variety of HVAC systems are available, and you and your family must be aware of the characteristics most important to you. For example, a central air conditioning machine may cool your entire house. 

Whereas an A/C ductless mini-split may make more sense if your home is smaller or you need to cool one room, The easiest way to get the right heating and cooling system is to research the many options.


Choosing a new indoor comfort heating and cooling system might be a difficult decision to make. Even yet, you don't have to face this problem alone! 

Indoor Comfort Solutions in Atlanta has a state-issued license and an EPA-issued certification. We can assist you in finding the ideal HVAC system for your needs by answering these questions. To get the ball rolling, dial (678) 952-1101



How long does it take to replace a heating and cooling system?

Installation of heating and cooling systems often takes up to three days, depending on several variables. The contractor must do several significant steps cautiously. The contractor must first determine your heating and cooling requirements.

What are the essentials of cool comfort solutions for air conditioning installation in Atlanta?

For a cool comfort solution to be effective, the space it serves must be conducive to human comfort in terms of temperature. Evaporation, convection, and radiation all play a role in a sedentary person's heat loss at a neutral temperature.

What needs to be changed in HVAC regularly?

During the summer, your air conditioning installation in Atlanta is the most important aspect in determining the quality of your home's indoor air. Your air conditioning unit may have been damaged if you see mold, mildew, dust, or odd humidity levels which are signs that you might need air conditioning repair.

Do you get a new thermostat with a new HVAC system?

When your heating and cooling system is replaced, don't forget to upgrade your thermostat as well. You may need a new thermostat if you have a more energy-efficient HVAC system. In the majority of the country, people utilize one of three types of thermostats.

Can a new thermostat make your house cooler?

There is no need to give up personal comfort in order to save money on your home's heating and cooling system. As soon as you're not using it, turn it down a few degrees to save money on your electricity bill.