Top 5 Craziest Indoor Comfort Heating And Cooling Fails
June 2022

Top 5 Craziest Indoor Comfort Heating And Cooling Fails

A well-designed modern home heating and cooling system can be incredibly sophisticated. Almost any modern thermostat can be configured to heat or cool your house according to your specific preferences. 

Convenience doesn't come without a cost, and this is one of them. Many people try to repair themselves at home. They apply different hacks in their indoor comfort heating and cooling fails, which results in massive failures. Additional problems could arise if these failures go unnoticed.

The important point is that you should not ignore your HVAC system's warning indicators. 

You can save yourself the trouble and money by scheduling an appointment with a technician as soon as an issue is suspected. Listed below are the top 5 fails of indoor comfort heating and cooling.

Clogged Filter

Air filters are the most important components in indoor heating, comfort, and cooling. They're used to clean the vents. Dirt that has been trapped in the filter can lead to filter clogging.

Air filter replacement or cleaning does not need calling in Air Conditioning Contractor Atlanta, GA. When it comes to doing it yourself, it's a rather straightforward process. Simply find the air filter for your HVAC system near the inside unit, and pull it out. It's best to clean and reinstall your reusable air filter before putting it back.

Blocked Drain

A drainage system is built specifically for air conditioning units in every heating and cooling system. Excess moisture is collected in a drain pan and expelled through the drainage system's drain pipe. Impurities and debris can build up in this drainage system over time, causing it to become clogged. This drain obstruction might cause moisture to leak into unwelcome regions of the HVAC, which can result in system failure.

If you don't remove the drain line from the outdoor unit to clear the clog in the drainage system, it will become a menace in the long run. Do not try to clean it yourself if you can't. Just call for Indoor Comfort Solutions.

Furnace Refusing to Heat up

The furnace is the primary source of heating in the HVAC system. Insufficient furnace heating means that the entire house is without heat. You must fix it right now to prevent the temperature from plummeting.

Simply go to the furnace and check the pilot light to see if it is lit. You must use an igniter to get it going if it's turned off. If it doesn't, there may be a problem with the gas supply in the house. In this case, contact a company providing heating and cooling repair in Atlanta, GA.

Malfunctioning Thermostats

Regarding heating and cooling systems, a thermostat malfunction is one of the most prevalent issues you should be prepared for. The heating and cooling system's "brain" is the thermostat. Air pressure and temperature can be adjusted to meet your preferences, and the system takes care of the rest. All of the HVAC system's functions are at risk if there is a problem with the thermostat.

If you're still using an analog thermostat in your house, it's time to switch to a digital one. Even if your current digital thermostat still doesn't work properly, its batteries may be worn out. To see if it works, simply replace the batteries and see. If something goes wrong, only a professional can diagnose the issue. 

Refrigerant Leaks

To keep the coils at a cold temperature, the refrigerant, a liquid used to cool the air before it is released, must go through the wires themselves.

You can find yourself dealing with a refrigerant leak, a rather regular occurrence. An extremely intense scent and moisture leak from the vents are the most common signs of a refrigerant leak. Stop using your HVAC system immediately if you see any warning indicators in your home and call for an air conditioning repair service.

Having a trusted contractor handle your indoor comfort heating and cooling is still crucial, even if some of these fails were the product of one installation cutting corners or simply not paying attention. 

Indoor Comfort Solutions is here to keep an eye on your system so that you don't end up on one of these lists. Get in touch with us today.