Comfort Solutions HVAC, We make you Breathe Purity at Homes
April 2022

Comfort Solutions HVAC, We make you Breathe Purity at Homes

There’s pollution on roads, blocked with traffic, and around smoke-emitting factories. This is our general concept regarding air pollution. Simple we are! Aren’t we? Being at home, tucked in couches and sipping tea beside windows, we feel every sort of air pollution just stays behind those panes. It’s not like that! For sure, the intensity of dust and smoke becomes a bit lesser inside homes, but we do not inhale pure air even being inside. If you want to feel like walking through groves, get our comfort solutions HVAC that have been serving in Alexandria and Washington DC for the past four decades.

Inhale Goodness with Comfort Solutions HVAC

Indoor Comfort Solutions Inc., the comfort solutions HVAC brings its commercial air purification service to make your home environment feel like wood. Do not ignore the contaminants in the air present in the forms of bacteria, toxic chemicals, dust mites, and eruptive organic compounds. Trust our indoor home purification service, which is evolved around your personalized needs, family health, and home comfort. Our indoor comfort service for purifying air starts by evaluating your indoor air quality. For it, we check the following things:

  • Poor HVAC ductwork and dirty filters result in low-quality air, we check that

  • Crawling insects and cockroaches inside the home, lead us towards their hideouts, which can surely be the ducts, the passage of indoor air

  • If your family is experiencing frequent wheezing and sneezing, it’s a major sign of poor-quality air

  • Deposits of dust and dirt in air vents and blockage in ducts result in unhealthy debris in the air

Our Air Purification Solutions

We provide every type of remedy for enhancing your indoor air quality. Whether your indoor comfort HVAC needs repair, maintenance, or replacement, we are here to do that. Just schedule your free in-home estimate and our smart team will be there to find out what you need. This is what we do to maintain ultra-fine air inside your home and easy ways to maintain a healthy home environment:

Air Conditioning Service

We are Atlanta air experts and make your home filled with healthy and fresh air. Our air quality team first analyzes your energy bills. If they show an upward graph during the past few months, then surely something might be wrong with the HVAC system. Our aim is to maintain high-quality air at an economical rate. Our technicians assist you in the right decision-making, whether your system needs to be changed or just serviced.

Check on Humidity

Many of us just bother about heating and cooling systems in changing weather and overlook keeping a check on our home air humidity level. This is something extremely important for home interior, furnishing, appliances, and above all your health. High humidity levels result in a damp indoor environment, which is ideal for the growth of germs, mold, fungi, and unpleasant odors.

On the other hand, too little moisture also causes dryness of the skin and throat and also affects the wood flooring and furniture. Based on your indoor comfort needs, we suggest you maintain ideal humidity levels. We have been providing premium dehumidifier solutions; just take a look at our coupons page if you are looking to make a purchase.  

UV Air Sanitizer

Indoor Comfort Solutions brings you advanced home purification solutions. UV air sanitizing devices produce the highest UV light intensity inside your home. It discourages the growth of bacteria and other pesky organisms. We help you make the right decision based on your needs and also help you with its installation, maintenance, and repair. 

Filter Cleaning and Replacement

For efficient working of your air quality systems, clean filters are essential. You must know the condition of air filters and the time they must be replaced. Our team is just a phone call away from delivering this indoor comfort to your place. Getting to know the type and model of your system, they will make the right replacement. Moreover, they will suggest you the schedule for changing filters, based on your area, family members, and the number of pets.

Evaporator Service

Evaporators of your HVAC are very important parts. Since they are metallic parts and directly interact with air and cooling, their coils are prone to getting rusty and choked. Based on your system age, our comfort solutions HVAC provide timely repairs, which results in smooth cooling, lighter functioning of the system, no water on coolant leaks, and above all less energy consumption.