Indoor Comfort Services – Storing AC Unit for Winters
November 2021

Indoor Comfort Services – Storing AC Unit for Winters

As we approach the winter season, it is time you remove the air conditioner, clean it and, and properly cover or store it in a dry place until the next season. This process may seem long and troublesome; however, we are here with our indoor comfort services to help you out. 

We won't recommend you to do it yourself as it can risk the life of your unit. To make sure everything is stored and covered properly for the next season, here are steps that our experts follow:

Inspect AC Unit for Damages During Indoor Comfort Services 

Once we remove the unit from the window, we will inspect it carefully for any damages – dents, dings, fan's operation will be inspected thoroughly. If there is any requirement for repair, our experts will take care of it on the spot. 

If you haven't booked maintenance services, it is time you call Indoor Comfort Solutions Inc. We ensure everything is taken care of properly and your system will run efficiently in the next summer season.

Clean the AC Unit

Putting away your AC without proper cleaning and washing can lead to various damages; more so, fungus and mold can also build up if there is any water remaining in the drip trays. Thus, we will make sure to give it a thorough clean-up. The first step includes cleaning the filter, which involves:

  • Placing it under running water

  • Clean away the settled dirt and dust using a soft-bristle brush

  • Rinse with water, and let it dry

  • Or else, vacuum can also be used to wipe it clean

Following the filter will be the drip trays and condenser coil. We will clean them properly, providing the indoor comfort you need the next summer without any problems. Everything will be secured back after it's dry, so there is no smell. 


Cleaning the AC's Exterior

The next on the list will be to clean the exterior part thoroughly. This job can quickly be done using the following tools:

  • Rags

  • Vacuum

  • Garden hose

  • Pipe cleaner 

  • Fin comb

Store the Unit in A Secure Place

If you decide to store your AC unit, we make sure to help you find a safe place at home. Keeping it in the garage isn't recommended as small animals and insects can sneak in there and damage the AC system. We also make sure to store the unit in the upright position; any other way, it can harm the compressor, leading to expensive repairs and maintenance. 

Cover It (If You Don't Want to Store It)

If you don't want to put away your unit, we help you cover the entire unit with a designated cover for the model. It is a necessary step if you don't want to take it off and store it somewhere else, as it will keep away the dirt and help prolong its life span.

So, here it is! It is all included in the indoor comfort services for maintaining and storing your AC units for the winters. Our services will help your system to work efficiently when you operate them again in the summers.